So, let’s start by talking about you. Your wedding will be one of the most important events of your life. As the story goes, after the day is done, all you have left are memories. My primary goal in working with you is to capture your emotions and translate them into visible memories. Images which tell your story so as life goes on, you will have something to share with others.

My first camera was a Kodak Brownie given to me by my grandparents. Over the years, I should have kept it as a reminder of the reasons why I wish to be your wedding photographer today. For may years I captured images of buildings, products, houses, etc. In 2003, with some assistance from my family (specifically my youngest brother’s wedding), I realized those images were not providing the levels of interaction and stimuli I needed. Today, working with people is still what gets me charged up.

My studio is located in a converted barn, surrounded by a classic New England landscape. The photographic work  I do there is mostly related to post processing and design (and occasional high school senior portraits). In reality, I work where you are and at your convenience.

Our initial meeting can be held at a place of your choice, your home, the studio, a coffee shop, or another workable spot. I highly recommend an engagement session – its part of our getting to know each other;  its free of charge and commitment. Consider it a test drive.

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